Scam of Selling Websites (from a Serbia Scammer Nikola Milivojac)


This website is dedicated to expose scams and fraudulent activities so that more people are aware of them.

The featured scam is a website selling scam from Serbia scammer. For example, the seller claims he has a website monetized using an Ad network. The site is completely auto pilot earning about $500 per month consistently for last 3 years. All you need to do is to change the links to lead to your Ad network account and you will start earning money from the first day. Then the seller uploads some earning proof pictures trying to prove that there are about $500 per month from an ad network called Peerfly. Note that the pictures don’t show where the earnings come from. They could be totally fake or forged documents. Another ridiculous thing is that the seller claims good traffic, for instance, more than 6000 unique visitors over last 30 days. However, if you ask more months’ traffic, the seller cannot provide. If you buy it, the number of visitors immediately drops to almost nothing.

Why do I call the seller Serbia scammer? On the largest website marketplace Flippa, there are a bunch of IDs originated in Serbia, and these accounts do similar things. BTW, many of the IDs are banned or suspended by Flippa due to the fraudulent activities.

The man behind the crime is called Nikola Milivojac. I am exposing his unethical, immoral behaviors and fraudulent practices. Everything I say here is backed up by Flippa because Flippa has all the records that I communicate with the Serbia scammer Nikola Milivojac. Contact Flippa for more information. To prevent more people from falling into the Serbia scam , I post this guy’s information here (Nikola Milivojac, you will pay the price of cheating)

For anyone who wants to buy websites on Flippa, check these Flippa IDs and the websites this guy tries to sell or sold. Warning: be alerted if you see any seller from country Serbia!

Flippa ID: mihailom, nikica, milivojacnikola, jamiebowen66, Quarke, Renneagg, ilicsa, Samomalo, Webmaniac90 , riomare25, etc. (more banned accounts not listed here to save space. Listen Serbia scammer Nikola Milivojac, no matter how many IDs you create, I can and will track them down.)

Real name: Nikola Milivojac
Street: Ostroska 2
City/Provice and Country: Novi Sad, Serbia
Postal Code:21241

Telephone: 381-21-6211937
Mobile Phone: 063410329
Fax: 381-21-6211937

Bank Name: Banca Intesa ad Beograd
Bank Street: Cara Uroša 54, 11000 Beograd
Payee name: Nikola Milivojac
Bank Account Number: RS35160553020064054020

PayPal ID:
AlertPay ID:
Skrill/Moneybookers ID:
Skype ID: Nikola.Milivojac

Other email:,

Main website:
Social profiles:
LinkedIn profile:
Student at Univerzitet u Novom Sadu (University of Novi Sad in Serbia)
2011 – 2016 (expected)  (Shame on you! Serbia Scammer Nikola Milivojac!)
Facebook profile:

WarriorForum profile (milivojac):
DigitalPoint profile (milivojac): (websites involved;  based on his fraudulent history, you can imagine…) (ebook trying to sell; based on his fraudulent history, you can imagine…) (ebook trying to sell;  based on his fraudulent history, you can imagine…)